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Leadership Essentials

أُغلِق باب التسجيل

Leadership Essentials

In this course you will have a look at how people get a handle on leadership. You will learn that for some leading comes naturally and for others it is a difficult and foreign concept.

The five levels of leadership that will be explained to you are very simple, so anyone can learn it. You will discover that leadership is a process, not a position.

It deals with people and their dynamics, which are continually changing. They are never static.

You will also find out that the challenge for the leader is to create change and facilitate growth. This requires movement, which, as you will soon see, is inherent in moving up from one level of leadership to the next. This course will show you how to grow as a leader.

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Define leadership
  • Explain the difference between leadership as a practice and a principle
  • Discuss the five levels of leadership
  • Explain the progression between the different levels of leadership