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Mastering the Sales Process

Mastering the Sales Process

Most people have had a buying experience that they felt good about. They were happy with the product and the terms of the deal. They may have felt so good about the experience that they told their friends about it and frequented the business again.

Often this kind of good feeling is the result of being treated with warmth and respect by salespeople — before, during, and after the closing. This course will help and guide you to make both your first impression and your closing memorable so that it will stay with the customer. We will examine how to make the experience as positive as possible.

This process can be very straightforward and simple, and just requires you to be polite and friendly. You should always ask what more you can do for the customer, whether it be something like getting them an earlier delivery than expected, helping them out to their car with the item or just asking them how you can help further.

It may seem like some of the course content is self-evident, but it is surprising how often customers come away from a buying experience feeling like they would not endorse the same company again, even though they completed their transaction.

This course will give you practical advice; showing you that how you do things, will serve you well in any sale.

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Define what Sales is
  • Describe the different types of Sales
  • Explain the common Sales Approaches
  • Formulate a plan to make the call
  • Identify the appropriate way to complete a call
  • Select the most appropriate questioning techniques
  • Identify appropriate ways to handle objections
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