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Introduction to Human Resource Functions

Introduction to Human Resources Functions

Human Resources refers to those work functions that deal with all the ‘people related’ aspects of work. It is responsible for aspects such as recruitment and selection of new staff, training and development, and termination of employment, among others. This introductory course will give you a broad overview of some of the Human Resources functions.

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Define Human Resources (HR)
  • Define Human Resources and describe its processes and procedures when taking on new employees, namely recruitment, selection, onboarding and induction
  • Define performance management
  • Explain compensation management
  • Describe Human Resources processes and procedures in disciplining employees and termination of employment

These are your Learning Outcomes for this course. Keep them in mind as you as work through the learning material. You will be able to check your progress at the end of the course.

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  2. Classes Start

  3. Classes End

  4. Estimated Effort